Monday, 22 August 2011

Making soap..

The interns have brought the workshop to the kids at Ipoh. Together with "sifu", Mr Wei Boon and also Mr Alex and Ms Lilian, the kids were bring thought how to make the organic soap so they can start making them on their own and sell it.

The kids were really excited about the whole idea.

Both homes ended up making a lot of soap and they are ready to sell it... Journey embarked!

Monday, 27 June 2011

First visit to the Orphan homes.

The interns were given an opportunity to work with both Precious Gift and Vision Home. On the 25th of June, they made their first official visit to both homes.

At approximately 10am, they started their activities with the Precious Gift's kids. There were about 17 children living in the shelter. The kids were really energetic and excited to join into the activities. The interns started the day with the game Balloon, also called Gabedi in Tamil(the kids thought them).

Four strings were lined up on the field and the kids were divided into 2 groups, the defender and the attacker(No one was attacked in the makings :D).

The defenders will stand on the lines while attackers will try to get passed them until the last line. Both children and interns were having a lot of fun.
Then, they head into the house for the next activity. Intern, Siang Yee was in charge of conducting the session. He took what was thought to the intern in the 2 days Junior Coaching Programme and explained about the modules to the kids.

 The interns had a little bit of difficulties controlling the kids as they were very energetic and had a lot of opinions. However, they were really fun to be around with.

Everyone was given a little souvenir. They were really excited about that part.

The interns had to leave at about 11.30am because it was time for the children's lunch. 

They then head to Vision Home at 2pm.

 The interns and children each introduced themselves to hopefully break the ice as the kids there seem a little bit more shy than the kids in Precious Gift.

They were a lot more outgoing than the interns thought. One of the kids even started break dancing and doing a head spin! He's about 12 years old. The interns had to conduct the activities using Malay as most of them do not understand English very well.

They were then asked to draw whatever that's on their mind. Some of the kids had some difficulty of understanding because they were too young. The youngest kid at the age of 6.

There were a height measuring drawing on the wall. That's intern Theresa's favourite.

Siang Yee preparing for the coaching session.

The future football star of Malaysia, Suria.

Paul: Baguussssss!

The intern then had to end their activities for the day. It was and inspiring day. The interns had an eye opening day. They all agree that they were really motivated to make an impact in the children's life in these 3 months. 

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Day 2 of training

  It was the second day of the Junior Coaching. The interns continued their Junior Coaching Programme with Miss Sharmini. These are some of the pictures during the session:

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

   On 21 June, we had provide the interns with a training programme called Junior Coach Training, they will learn how to coach children in this programme as they are visiting orphanages home on this Saturday. This programme was conducted in a CyberCare office at Seri Kembangan area, the interns were provided with a comfortable place so that they learn in a good and relaxing environment.

  Experienced life coach, Miss Sharmini were incharge of coaching the interns. They were being taught on how to coach children, other peoples and even themselves. Sharmini had asked each of them questions on how much they understood about it, and Miss Sharmini guided them on what they should do when face the childrens.

  The programme were dismissed at around 4pm, the students seems as they enjoyed the programme provided, and the programme was continued on the next day.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Second coaching session.

The two industrial training programs between Cybercare and UTAR is SITA(Student Industrial Training and Assessment Programme) and Care For You
This time our team incorporate both faculty of the University into a same group to produce a better result. They are from the FICT(Faculty of Information Communication and Technology) and the Psychology course students. 
These are the members of the groups:

Project Manager: Ng Chin Keat

Asst Manager: Kok Siang Yee 

IT Member: Yu Yan Kai

Secretary : Heng Chin Pern

Treasurer : Tan Seng Keng

IT group : Theresa Teh 

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